Passtcert IBM C2020-701 actual questions

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Share some IBM Certified Specialist C2020-701 exam questions and answers below.
A user entering numerical data into TM1 Application Web places a hold consolidate on North America with three children: Canada, USA, and Mexico. At the time the hold is placed, the value of North America is $30.00, with each child value set at $10.00. A user subsequently adds $10.00 to the value of Canada.
Which statement is correct?
A. „North America” increases $10.00, „USA” and „Mexico” remain unchanged.
B. „North America” remains unchanged. „USA” and „Mexico” are reduced by $5.00 each.
C. „North America” remains unchanged, „USA” is reduced by $10.00, „Mexico” remains unchanged.
D. All values are on hold, so the add function is ignored.
Answer: B

What must a TM1 Application Web user do to perform what-if analysis on budget amounts, without affecting the current version of the data?
A. Export to Cognos Insight.
B. Create a Sandbox.
C. Slice to Excel.
D. Create a scenario.
Answer: B

A user is a member of four security groups: A, B,C, and D. For the Budget cube, group A has WRITE access, group B has READ access, group C has RESERVE access, and group D has a NONE access level.
Which access level will the user have to the Budget cube?
Answer: C

Click the Exhibit button.

In the Assumptions dimension all key figures are formatted correctly as shown in the exhibit, yet all values are displayed as currency.
Where would you search for the currency format?
A. In the title dimensions
B. In the other row dimension
C. In the column dimensions
D. In the cube format
Answer: C

A TM1 Application Web user has completed data input. Which action allows the user to lock the data for review?
A. Commit
B. Save
C. Release ownership
D. Submit
Answer: D

What are three reasons why you would use Cognos BI Reporting rather than TM1 Web? (Choose three.)
A. You must merge data from different cube sources.
B. You require bursting of reports.
C. You require different report versions.
D. You require data entry capability.
E. You require highlight capability for reports.
Answer: A,B,C

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